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SPARX is therapy in the format of a game designed to help teens with mild to moderate depression and is also effective with anxiety.  The target age group is 12-19 however other youth can use it too. SPARX uses CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help youth change how they think about things and how they behave which leads to improvements in how they feel. Designed and clinically tested by the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland, SPARX is fully funded by the Ministry of Health so it is free for anyone to use in NZ. Find out more here.

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ANZACS-QI is a unique clinical registry and quality improvement tool for the management of people with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) and other cardiac problems, admitted to hospitals across New Zealand.

It is a clinician-led initiative managed by NIHI and delivered in partnership with District Health Boards, the Ministry of Health and Enigma Solutions Limited.
ANZACS-QI supports the evidence-based management of ACS patients by securely gathering quality-audited clinical data on every suspected ACS patient in New Zealand. By May 2016 over 25,000 people with ACS and over 50,000 people referred for coronary angiography had been registered in the ANZACS-QI database.

The trial is funded by the Ministry of Health. For more information please contact Professor Chris Bullen


TextMATCH is a free text message programme being run in WDHB and ADHB, specific to the nutritional and physical activity needs of New Zealand women and families. It has been developed at the National Institute for Health Innovation for the Māori, Pacific, Asian and South Asian communities during pregnancy through to 2 years of age.

TextMATCH involves up to three messages a week and is available in different versions depending on culture, language or whether they are the mother or another family member. A person can be referred at any time to the programme and where they start in the programme is dependent on their due date or their child’s date of birth. There are 16 versions of TextMATCH developed incorporating different cultures, languages and also the person’s relationship to the baby. To date over 4000 women and other family members have signed up for TextMATCH.

You can sign up for the service here, or for more information please contact Jacqui Grey


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Bariatric Surgery Registry (BSR)

The BSR is a quality and safety registry run in partnership with Monash University (Melbourne). The BSR aims to record all bariatric procedures performed in public and private hospitals in Australia and New Zealand and to measure outcomes for patients undergoing bariatric surgery. The BSR follows patients for up to 10 years and collects information on their weight, diabetes status and any complications related to their bariatric procedure. There are currently 50,000 participants from both Australia and New Zealand. For more information please contact Kristin Sutherland

Bariatric Surgery Registry 2017/18 Report