Our Mission

Discovering innovative solutions for the world's leading health problems...

Optimised NutritionNutrition & Physical Activity Programmes - Forty per cent of deaths in New Zealand (11,000 each year) can be attributed to the joint effects of poor nutrition and inadequate physical activity. More than half our population is currently overweight or obese.
Our goal - A healthier, fitter population with increased life-expectancy. A reduction in the burden of health costs associated with obesity. Read more >

cardiovascular-exerciseHeart Health Research Programmes - Cardiovascular disease is responsible for a major proportion of the health burden experienced by individuals and societies around the world. It is also one of the leading causes of our ethnic and socio-economic survival inequalities.
Our goal - To develop practical, affordable interventions to prevent cardiovascular disease at both a national and global level. Read more >


PDAs for data captureHealth Informatics & Technology - Modern mobile communications technologies provide a rapid, cost-efficient transport mechanism for delivering innovative health interventions. Health informatics research adn developments are necessary to unlock the potential of health information to improve outcomes.
Our goal - To design and trial interventions and data collection methodologies using these devices to evaluate their effectiveness and reliabilty for wider deployment. Read more >

Smoking CessationAddiction Research- Tobacco smoking remains the greatest modifiable risk to health of New Zealanders, and is the leading cause of disparities in life expectancy between Maori and non-Maori. New Zealand statistics are reflected globally. Successful smoking cessation treatments will lead to significant savings in the cost of patient care.
Our goal - To develop and trial innovative smoking cessation treatments with statistically proven worth. Read more >