Advisory Committees

Māori Research Advisory Committee

The NIHI is committed to satisfying Treaty of Waitangi obligations and improving responsiveness of health research to Māori. In recognition of the need for partnership and participation in research and central to this initiative has been the formation of a Māori Research Advisory Committee. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring that the focus on affordable prevention and treatment intervention strategies is relevant to Māori, and on workforce development for Māori.

The Māori Research Advisory Committee (MRAC) provides expert advice to NIHI's business group relating to the implementation of its research strategy, gives direction to our researchers regarding projects proposed and underway involving Māori, and appraises other research activities undertaken by the NIHI. The Committee's members represent a wide range of Auckland iwi and Māori health organisations and bring with them extensive health sector and research expertise.


Strategic Advisory Board

 In late 2008 a Strategic Advisory Board was established to provide strategic direction for the NIHI, particularly in regard to its business operations. The members of this group are: