What We Do - An Overview

The National Institute for Health Innovation offers internationally recognised scientific expertise.
Our experience includes in-depth skills in managing regulatory requirements gained as a result of conducting over 60 international and national clinical trials. We offer comprehensive study design and strategy development, backed by sound implementation services and world class information systems. Our operations have extended internationally to China, Asia, Europe, the Asia Pacific Region, Canada and the USA. Our services include:

Clinical Trials ManagementClinical Trial Management - Established in 1989, the Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) has now managed and co-ordinated clinical trials involving tens of thousands of people in Australasia, Asia and Europe. Over the last decade, the CTRU has developed state-of-the-art electronic data capture system to facilitate the timely collection and analysis of trial data.

Since its inception the CTRU has established an international reputation for high quality, large-scale trials and population-based studies. CTRU experience confirms that large randomised trials and overviews provide the most reliable evidence about the effects of new treatments and preventative strategies. Including large numbers of participants reduces the play of chance and randomisation avoids being misled by biases. CTRU trials are generally of straightforward, pragmatic design, to recruit large numbers of participants. The treatments assessed are practicable and potentially cost-effective so that they would be widely used if shown to be beneficial.


Health Research ProgrammesHealth Research Programmes - The National Institute for Health Innovation's ongoing research programmes focus on investigating the causes, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and other major health problems. Programmes include:
Cardiovascular Research
Health Technology
Nutrition & Physical Activity

Further information on these topics can be obtained by following the links above.


Research ServicesResearch Services - The NIHI provides a range of services to support external public and private sector projects. These include provision of specific expertise, biostatistics and analysis, data and research advice (eg. assistance with protocols and investigator brochures).




Education & TrainingExpertise, Education & Training - The NIHI employs a multi-disciplinary group of fifty health research workers including epidemiologists, statisticians, study managers, data managers, computer programmers and administrative support staff.

The NIHI is part of New Zealand’s largest research-led university, the University of Auckland, and has a strong record of providing ongoing education and training, both within the Unit and with partners. The NIHI is fully standards-compliant and operates in accordance with ISO9001 quality and documentation standards.