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Technical expertise and experienceThe National Institute for Health Innovation's researchers bring a wealth of technical expertise and experience in the health sector to their research.

The team is very multidisciplinary, with researchers from professional backgrounds in medicine, nursing, psychology, nutrition, excercise science, biostatistics and epidemiology.

NIHI researchers are active in national committees and have strong links with the public health and clinical sectors.


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CTRU Trials in the spotlight


SHOP: Supermarket Healthy Options Project. A large randomised controlled trial of the effects of price discounts and tailored nutrition education on supermarket food purchases. The study was funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand. The study showed there was an 11% increase in the amount of healthier food purchased when 12.5% was taken off the price. This increase equates to about half a kilo more fruits and vegetables per household each week, or about six extra servings.

PQNIQ: Pre-quitting nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to increase quitting. The largest (n=1100) study of its kind, the PQNIQ trial was a pragmatic, randomised, controlled trial involving moderately dependent smokers, half of whom used NRT for two weeks prior to quitting as usual, compared to the other half on usual care. The study was funded by the Health Research Council and National Heart Foundation of NZ and found a small but not statistically significant increase in quitting rates at 6 months in the pre-quit group. However, when the PQNIQ trial data were pooled with data from other pre-quitting trials the effect was significant and moderate (about a 25% increase in sustained quitting), suggesting a real and clinically beneficial effect of this simple innovation to standard practice.