Research Advice

Our Clinical Trial Services

The National Institute for Health Innovation has been at the forefront of full-scale web-based clinical trial management since the late 90s. Since that time, continuous development has taken place to meet the needs of the international research community.

To fully support these state of the art systems, the NIHI provides a comprehensive range of specialist services to provide a complete clinical trials operational environment that is fully FDA and ISO9001 compliant. NIHI services are readily available to both public and private sector organisations. For a White Paper detailing the advantages of Web-based trial management, please click here. Our services include:

  • Study Protocol Design
  • Web-based registration, data collection and reporting
  • Biostatistics and full Analysis Services
  • Ongoing data management, security and archiving
  • End user documentation, training and support

For more information on the NIHI's Research Advice Services, please contact Julian Pinfold, Associate Director, Business Services.