Aged Care Research

The Aged Care and Neuroscience programmes are no longer active components of NIHI’s research. Completed research includes:

A case control study of the incidence, causes and consequences of subarachnoid haemorrhage

An epidemiological study of the determinants of stroke impact on individuals, families and communities carried out in Auckland in 2002-2003

A randomised controlled trial to evaluate several different services that use a common model of care aimed at assisting older people to live at home

ASTRO: a  5-year follow-up study of stroke survivors from the ARCOS study and their family caregivers for a range of functional and neuropsychological outcomes, including survival rate, costs and health-service utilisation

A randomised controlled trial comparing early hospital discharge and home-based rehabilitation with usual in-patient rehabilitation and follow-up care

A clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of strength training and vitamin D to reduce physical disability in frail older people

A cohort study of New Zealand Freemasons and their spouses to determine the risk factors of major non-communicable diseases

Study to investigate the 35 day and 1 year mortality rates following hospital admission for hip fracture, among people aged 60 years and older in New Zealand

The Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET) is an international randomised controlled trial designed to establish the balance of benefits and risks of anti-hypertensive therapy in people aged 80 years or more

To determine the effectiveness of a novel intervention, Attention Process Training in improving attention and health-related quality of life for stroke survivors