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New e-cigarette trial ASCEND-II soon to start recruitment

ASCEND-II is a randomised-controlled clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of combining nicotine patches with e-cigarettes (with and without nicotine) plus behavioural support, on smoking abstinence. The trial is not yet recruiting, but we are hoping to start recruitment in December.

For more information, please see the attached information sheet

Majority of packaged foods in NZ supermarkets ultra-processed – new study report in scientific journal and NZ media

New NIHI study led by Dr Waterlander finds that the majority of packaged food available in New Zealand supermarkets are ultra-processed and so also the unhealthiest foods available. These findings highlight the need to improve the supermarket food supply by reducing numbers of ultra-processed foods and reformulating products to improve their nutritional profile.

Media Release: Food taxes and subsidies could save lives

Health related food taxes and subsidies could improve diets and reduce deaths from diet related disease in New Zealand, according to new research from the Universities of Auckland and Otago, in collaboration with Oxford University.


Congratulations to NIHI's Leila Pfaeffli who won the Young Investigators award at the annual meeting of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand last week.

NIHI features at Celebrating Research Excellence event at the University of Auckland.

NIHI staff at CRE event

A handful of NIHI's projects were on show at this annual university event held on May 4th to showcase excellence in research across the University. Representing NIHI at the event were, from left to right, Karen Carter (Operations Leader,) Jonathan Rastorn (PhD student), Prof Chris Bullen (Director) and Dr Helen Eyles (Research Fellow)

NIHI Director at Kuala Lumpur Addiction Conference

Kuala Lumpur Addiction Conference

NIHI Director Prof Chris Bullen and Addictions Research programme leader Associate Professor Natalie Walker with Malaysian colleagues at the recent KL Nicotine Addiction Conference held in Kuala Lumpur in late April.  

New publication on the Virtual Supermarket

Using a Virtual Supermarket to measure food purchase behaviour: A validation study

Wilma E Waterlander, Yannan Jiang, Ingrid HM Steenhuis, Cliona Ni Mhurchu 

Published in Journal of Medical and Internet Research (JMIR) 28th April 2015