Our People

Our People


Professor Chris Bullen

NIHI Director


Professor Chris Bullen is a graduate of the University of Auckland’s School of Medicine, and has postgraduate qualifications in obstetrics, child health and public health, and a PhD in Community Medicine from the University of Auckland. His research interests focus primarily on tobacco control and innovative smoking cessation interventions research but he also has wider interests in research on global health, housing and health, and heart disease prevention and treatment. He co-directs the Tobacco Control Research Turanga, a $5m programme of strategic innovative tobacco research and is an active member of the Centre for Addiction Research.

Chris worked as a District Medical Officer in Papua New Guinea for almost eight years before training in Public Health Medicine. He was a consultant in public health medicine with the Auckland Regional Public Health Service prior to joining the Clinical Trials Research Unit in 2003 as a Senior Research Fellow. In 2005 he was appointed Associate Director, and in 2009, Director of CTRU, and then of NIHI.

In addition to his leadership of NIHI, Chris teaches public health to undergraduate medical students. He is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine, Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), a Fellow of the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine, a member of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco and of End Smoking NZ. Chris also Chairs the NZ RACP Policy and Advisory Committee.