Highlighted Publications

Highlighted Publications


The effect of very low nicotine content cigarettes, used as an adjunct to nicotine replacement therapy, on smoking cessation: a randomised controlled trial

Addiction 2012: 107 (10); 1857–1867.

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MEMO: living in a positive space. Development and post-program satisfaction in a randomized controlled trial of a mobile phone intervention

JMIR 2012: 14(1); e13


Our team worked with Prof Merry’s team to develop a multimedia depression prevention programme for all adolescents. The intervention used video, cartoons and key messages – all delivered to teens via text messages – based on cognitive behavioural therapy. A large randomized trial was conducted across 15 high schools in Auckland, with the results still to be published.

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A randomised controlled trial of mobile (cell) phone text messaging smoking cessation support: txt2stop

Lancet 2011; 378(9785):49-55.



Our team worked with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to deliver our world first text messaging smoking cessation intervention to 5800 trial participants in the UK. The team at LSHTM conducted a high quality RCT with very high rates of follow-up and verification of quitting. This confirmed the doubling of quit rates with the intervention compared with the control group that we had previously seen in NZ. This paper won the RCGP Paper of the Year award.

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Does improved access and greater choice of nicotine replacement therapy affect smoking cessation success? Findings from a randomised controlled trial

Addiction, 2011: 106 (6): 1176-1185.


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Pre-cessation nicotine replacement therapy. Pragmatic randomised trial

Addiction 2010; 105(8):1474-83.


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Smoking cessation using mobile phone text messaging is as effective in Maori as non-Maori

New Zealand Medical Journal 2005;118; 1216.


This is one of the original papers on STOMP – NIHI’s seminal text message smoking cessation intervention developed by Prof Rogers (previous Director of NIHI) as the first ever trial published on a health intervention delivered solely by text message. This paper demonstrated that STOMP was as effective for Maori participants as it was for non-Maori participants in helping them to stop smoking.

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